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Grand Forks Cooler Space with Semi-Truck Loading Dock Access.

We have available 4,500 cubic feet of cooler (refrigeration) storage with easy semi-truck and route truck transfer capability, accessible by our truck loading docks which are inside the building.

The cooler space is approximately 450 square feet, expandable for the right client by approximately 50% (900 square feet potential). The cooler is 40 feet from semi- truck loading dock which provides for a very short trip with a pallet or electric pallet jack. The cooler runs at 34-35 degrees 12 months of the year. This cooler is in the Minnesota Dairy Building at the corner of Gateway Drive and Washington Avenue in Grand Forks, ND.

This amazing location is only a short trip to Interstate 29 heading North to Winnipeg, CA or South to Fargo, ND and sits right on Gateway Drive (Highway 2) going West to Devils Lake, ND and East to Duluth, MN.

This set-up provides for easy
building and truck dock access for your drivers and the inside the building truck docks are an added benefit in the rugged North Dakota weather.

If you are interested in this cooler storage space or to having access to the semi-truck loading/transfer docks, please contact:

Paul Graveline
612-759-3800 mobile
809 North 5th Street
Grand Forks, ND 58203

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